We are a Certified Google Partner!

Sorry for the absence on the blog in the past month. We’ve been busy becoming a certified Google Partner. The Primm Company’s Online Marketing Manager, Janelle Clarke, did the legwork to earn us this badge…PartnerBadge-Horizontal-150x56

…that “recognizes companies that excel with Google products. Their businesses are healthy, their customers are happy, and they use Google best practices.” (Google)  In order to earn this certification (and the fancy badge), Google looked at our record of success with  and mastery of their products including AdWords Search and AdWords Display campaigns. Then Janelle took two Google-administered exams, passed with flying colors and the rest is history…at least until she takes the certification exam again in 18 months.

(Our Certified Google Partner)
(Janelle, Primm’s Certified Google Partner)

What does Primm’s status as a Google Partner mean to you, the client?

It means that you can trust our knowledge of online marketing. Why can you trust us? Because that knowledge is backed by experts at the number one search engine in the world. Our “proven success” will help you get the most out of every dollar you spend on marketing.

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