Twitter Talk

Twitter is different than most other social media outlets in a few key ways: their content is intentionally constrained to 140 characters of text, their users are overwhelmingly on mobile platforms, and their users aren’t only in the US but also present in other parts of the world.

The twitter-sphere is not easy to parse, content is flowing at an exceedingly quick rate of 10K tweets every second around the world and it isn’t separated by country or border — only by the individual user. The service also uses Hashtags to separate content into useful categories, however Hashtags can be hijacked (or hash-jacked) to include messages antithetical to the goal or spirit of the category.

Luckily…Hubspot has compiled a useful guide to who, how, and when people use Twitter… but even with this information, it can be hard to really KNOW how to engage with your audience on this platform. That’s what The Primm Company is here for, we have experience creating conversation with potential customers and managing the image of multiple brands.