Twitter Fail

We’ve said it before (see #McDstories), and we’ll say it again: When updating social media accounts, companies need to be very mindful of any possible mistakes or backlash.

Recently, in the wake of the mass shooting in Aurora, CO, two Twitter accounts, Celeb Boutique and the NRA, made some significant social media mistakes.

Twitter Sample Screen
Twitter Sample Screen

The Friday after the tragedy, the hash tag #Aurora was a trending topic on Twitter. Celeb Boutique, a clothing retailer, obviously (hopefully) unaware of the recent happenings, posted “#Aurora is trending, clearly about our Kim K inspired dress ;)” The Twittersphere backfired immediately and bashed the brand significantly.

Friday morning, the NRA joyfully tweeted, “Good morning, shooters. Happy Friday! Weekend plans?” This was, of course, shocking considering that ever since the shooting, gun ownership had become a prevalent topic in the media.
Although @NRA_Rifleman was probably unaware of the disaster when he wrote the post, it definitely seemed insensitive.

The issue is that neither of these companies stayed in the know of ongoing events. In order to always have a meaningful message and avoid such errors whenever breaking news occurs give us a call. We can keep you in the know and keep your brand out of trouble.