To Tweet or Not to Tweet #McDStories

Before your company decides to “tweet” something, you might want to think twice before you click that “post” button. While social media is a great way to connect with clients, customers and friends, it is also a forum for critics.

McDonald’s found this out the hard way. In January, the company came out with a Twitter campaign dubbed #McDStories.

The campaign was supposed to encourage customers to share their fond memories of McDonald’s on Twitter. However, the campaign backfired and “tweeters” used the hash tag #McDStories for the exact opposite reason it was intended — to bash McDonald’s.

In one case, a Twitter user reminisced of how upon walking into a McDonald’s location it smelled as if there was Type Two Diabetes in the air. This “tweet” and many like it were definitely not the feel good stories the campaign #McDStories was looking and hoping for.

Fortunately, McDonald’s acted quickly and the campaign was shut down within the first two hours. Nevertheless, the #McDStories hash tag is still gaining momentum and is still used as a joke among Twitter users.

This instance proves that, as a business, you must always be aware of how others may perceive you– especially in such an open channel of communication such as social media.

Social media is fun and effective, but businesses walk a thin line when they allow the world to participate in their marketing. Make sure your business makes safe decisions.

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