The Importance of Quality Body Content for Your Website

In the latest Google Webmaster Help video, Matt Cutts stresses the importance of quality body content on a website. (Actually, only the head of Matt Cutts stresses the importance of quality body content. Get it?)

Often times, we see people focusing too heavily on the head of a page or other behind-the-scenes details like page description, title tags, alt tags and meta keywords. But what about the actual message?

Remember: Google always strives to deliver the best, most-relevant results to its searchers. The meat of your web pages should be informative, easy to read, keyword-rich and pertinent to the subject matter.

Content is a Core Metric in the Google Algorithm.
Cutts reminds us that content is a core metric in the Google algorithm, and sites are penalized for duplicate or meaningless copy.

“Head might have meta description, meta tags, all that sort of stuff. If you want to put stuff in the head, that’s great, make sure it unique, don’t just do duplicate content, but stuff in the body makes a really big difference as well,” Cutts said. “If you don’t have the text, the words that will really match on the page, then it’s going to be hard for us to return that page to users.”

We Can Help.
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