Social Media Explained: Does My Business Need Twitter?

Twitter is one social media tool that often bewilders business owners outside of the leisure and entertainment industry. They ask, “How much can I say in 140 characters and is what I say going to convert to revenue or web traffic? Will people care about my tweets?” Well, our answer to them is this: You can’t quite express your mission statement in the allotted character space, but you can provide a provocative teaser and a link to it! Use Twitter as a tool for quick communication and integrate it into your other web marketing efforts.

Twitter can be a highly effective asset to ANY business when used the right way—as a connector to all other Internet marketing channels. Read the following tips for tweeting up a storm and reaping the potential benefits for your business:

Build an audience by knowing your audience

Before you dive head first into marketing via Twitter, get an idea of the group to whom you’ll be tweeting. You can do this mini market research by looking at trending Twitter topics, searching for keywords associated with your business, and looking at what successful Twitter personalities in your industry are doing to gain followers and generate interaction.  Take what you learn and prepare to gear your communication strategically.

Combine and Conquer

In order to be successful with Twitter, you must promote your Twitter presence on all of your other marketing channels.  It doesn’t stand alone. This is really where you should think about using your Twitter account as a point of connection for your brand.

It’s important to provide ample reminders of your Twitter presence and handle on your Facebook, website, and print media, but it’s even more important for your tweets to link or refer to these channels. What do we mean? Say you just posted an awesome, informative blog entry on the company website. You want people to see it, right? Well, that won’t happen unless you hit the social media grind and link to the post! Twitter is the perfect place to spread quality content in this way.

Strike While the Iron Is Hot

In the first 24 hours (the critical period) after you post a new blog entry or make a big company related announcement, don’t be afraid to tweet about it repetitively. Come up with a variety of short, sweet, and snazzy teaser statements to proceed the link and tweet them accordingly.

For some companies it is appropriate to build relationships with other Twitter-active members of your industry by tweeting links directly to them in hope that they will share with their followers (provided you’ve shown some link love to them as well). It’s all about getting your message out there broadly and quickly, with the ultimate goal of driving traffic to your website or main point of sale.

Assess Your Impact

The final aspect of Twitter for business we’ll cover today is brand reputation management. Many customers like to be able to connect with a company via Twitter to voice complaints, concerns, and questions. Twitter allows a savvy business to field criticism quickly and publicly. In the same vein, the individual handling a company’s social media management should search daily for mentions of your business, its products and brand keywords in order to stay on top of the business’s web reputation (more on that here).

Do you have questions about how to market your business on Twitter or social media in general? The experts at Primm can help. Call or contact us today and we can help your company become a stellar part of the “Twitterverse!”