Social Media: Be Where Your Market Is.


Business Insider recently released a partial report on current social media demographics, and the data is extremely informative. Below is an excerpt detailing the highlights of the report: 

  • “Facebook still skews young, but the 45- to 54-year-old age bracket has seen 45% growth since year-end 2012. Among U.S. Internet users, 73% with incomes above $75,000 are on Facebook (compared to 17% who are on Twitter). Eight-six percent of Facebook’s users are outside the U.S.
  • Instagram: Sixty-eight percent of Instagram’s users are women.
  • Twitter has a surprisingly young user population for a large social network — 27% of 18 to 29-year-olds in the U.S. use Twitter, compared to only 16% of people in their thirties and forties.
  • LinkedIn is international and skews toward male users.
  • Google+ is the most male-oriented of the major social networks. It’s 70% male.
  • Pinterest is dominated by tablet users. And, according to Nielsen data, 84% of U.S. Pinterest users are women.
  • Tumblr is strong with teens and young adults interested in self-expression, but only 8% of U.S. Internet users with incomes above $75,000 use Tumblr.”


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Get Personal with the Right Social Networks

When a business first delves into the social media world, it can be tempting to try and build a presence on all channels. But like the old saying goes, you can’t be everything to everyone all the time. It’s easier and more effective to spend more energy on a few social media platforms rather than spread that energy across a bunch, especially if your target market is not universally well represented.

For instance, according to the figures above, a company selling to a primarily male audience may not need an Instagram or Pinterest account, but  Google+ and LinkedIn interaction could be of benefit.

Take BI’s breakdown of social media users by income:


Source: Business Insider 

Based on this data, a Facebook presence is apt to reach people across income brackets. Conversely, if yours is a company looking to attract a higher income crowd, Pinterest may be a little less pertinent.

With a little strategic thought and planning, your business can reach more people who are likely to buy with a lot less effort. Let the Primm Company help you put your company where the business is on social media. Call or contact us today.

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