Snoop’s Rebranding.

It seems like every once in a while there is that one celebrity who decides to change his or her name…to perhaps gain more notoriety, to possibly earn a few more bucks, or because they’re just going through a “phase.”

Snoop LionThink of Puff Daddy, Prince, Chad Johnson, Jennifer Lopez, and Garth Brooks.

Now add Snoop Dogg to the list. Oh, excuse me. I mean… Snoop Lion.

On Monday, it was announced that while he was in Jamaica, he had a “spiritual/born again” experience.

Snoop Dogg/Lion is now a reggae artist.

It’s hard to believe that the 40 year old man and rap genre’s model image, who has built his career on poetic masterpieces like “Gin and Juice” and “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” wants to make such a big change.

Rapping about drugs, violence and gangs has made him very successful. He has a niche and he’s the king of that niche. Now he wants to sing slow-tempo, rhythmic songs about love and peace that he can share with his grandchildren?

It sounds sweet, and it might be…but what about branding? Are you sure you want to do this, Snoop? It might be hard to go back to looking tough if this doesn’t work out. What will you do with the “D-O-double-G” in all your old lyrics? Will your “doggie ears” (braids) be forever covered with that hat? Do you really have to change your name? Dogs might like reggae. Did you even ask them? And don’t even get me started on the SEO nightmare this could be for your website and social media.

The point is this, even though rap and marketing have little in common, changing your name is just like changing your company’s name/brand position. Think it through!

Snoop Lion is a very popular, very wealthy man. He can afford to make these decisions on the whim.

But can you? Odds are that you can’t.

If you’re interested in re-branding or changing your image, give The Primm Company a call. We’ll help you make sound decisions and handle the undertaking in the best way possible.