When you have your website built by The Primm Company, you’re starting out with an excellent foundation for good search results. From the very beginning, our sites are built and written to perform well in search engines. We perform extensive keyword research before writing the content, and we build the keywords into many other parts of the site as well. After all, what’s the point of a good website if no one can find it?

Quality Content.

We don’t take shortcuts. Everything we do is “white hat,” which serves you well when Google rolls out updates. We know the best recipe for a high-ranking website is updated, honest, quality content, and our ingredients are optimized blog entries, online videos, frequent updates to existing content, and more.

Local Search Optimization.

You’ve seen local search results before. They’re the list of business addresses and overviews listed with a small map in your search results. They’re a totally different animal to maintain, but Primm has the skill and the resources to do it. Local Search Engine Optimization (LSEO) is becoming increasingly important with the way people search. For many services, potential customers want businesses close to them, and they want to quickly view directions, phone numbers, and reviews.

Social Media.

When appropriate, The Primm Company also implements social media as an SEO tool. Social signals on leading social media sites are becoming more of a ranking factor as search engines work to leverage our ever-increasing online interactions. Sharing things on social media raises brand awareness, and it significantly helps SEO when it leads your target market back to your website.