Running, Beer and Branding

ID-10081388For the past three years, Tim Cigelske of Milwaukee, Wisconsin has run at least one mile and enjoyed at least one craft beer every single day. On October 4, 2013, the running streak that he has chronicled on the blog, Beer Runner, comes to an end. Tim says,

” The streak has been exciting because each day, week and month builds on itself and creates its own milestones. It’s running a full month straight, or trying 100 different types of beer, or running for 1,000 days. Each frontier brings with it anticipation, excitement and a sense of accomplishment.”

Talk about consistency. Tim the Beer Runner committed to a habit, a lifestyle really, that many people in his position would have grown tired of fairly quickly. Instead of changing the core structure and purpose of the commitment, he found new life and new goals within it through the years. You can and should do the same in your marketing approach.

Something we like to say around here is, “When we’re sick to death of something, the public is just becoming aware of it.” Speak with one voice throughout all of your advertising channels. Convey the same message in the context of all marketing channels, including your website, social media, radio and TV, and print advertising, and you will foster lasting brand recognition.

Once you have established that one dynamic message, be ready to get sick to death of it while trusting that it’s helping your target market become aware of and stay aware of your brand. But promoting a unified message doesn’t have to lead to feelings of stagnancy. Take a cue from the Beer Runner and try a new craft beer (a new social media channel), set mile-markers (set goal conversions), or explore a new city (expand your target audience).

Also, you’ll notice that the Beer Runner eventually felt the need to end the streak and switch up his routine, but not until the need presented itself. It’s okay to eventually do the same with your advertising strategy. We call it rebranding (and you should stay away from it unless absolutely necessary).

Perhaps the most difficult thing about effective marketing, next to sticking with a message, is coming up with a message in the first place.  For companies struggling in that department, the creative experts at the Primm Company are here to help. Let us mold your brand. Call or contact Primm today.

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