Be Refreshing Online – Build a Better Blog

Remember when you were a kid and in the summer you would run around outside all day? After playing, you would come inside and there would be an ice-cold lemonade on the counter. Whether it was pink, cherry, or original in flavor it was always  refreshing, invigorating, and full of substance.

That is how your content marketing should feel, refreshing, invigorating, substantive. People are inundated with flat advertising and clickbait on the internet in the vain of “Energy companies hate this simple trick!” (spoiler: the trick is to use their product) so why would you add to the growing pile?

Building a better blog that is more than just clickbait and re-posts is easier and harder than you think. The steps are mostly common-sense but the execution may be hard to pin down and execute.

However, creating relevant content with substance will not only attract prospective customers, but also help spread your brand and create an image of quality. You should seek to be a source of information before an advertisement in your content marketing.

To accomplish this, there are a few key things to keep in mind when building a better blog:


Anyone can write 1000 words and post them to a blog on the internet. It takes a couple hours if you’re barely trying. But keeping those 1000 words coherent and central to a specific message that is related to your brand and mission… that’s a different story.

When you set out to write a post start with a notepad and write down who your target audience is, what message you want to convey, and three or four concepts that can relate to your idea to support why it is important. For this very post I wrote: “internet bloggers and novices, the idea that clear and informative original content is better than clickbait or pithy content, refreshing, personality, quality over quantity, diamond in the rough.”

Having a battle plan will make winning the battle easier, or at the very least keep you on topic.  Sitting down to brainstorm, create an outline, find sources, and nail down a message will make your posts better. Your process for those steps are up to you.

Be Informative 1st, Be Marketing 2nd

Clickbait has become synonymous with the infomercial. This kind of advertising is blatantly forcing itself into your life with shock value or misleading headlines. The only information ever offered is normally related directly to the product and nothing else. Not only is this mediocre advertising, it is also a waste of your time to write and to read.

Creating something that is informative is rewarding to the writer because they have grown in their knowledge base. Informative content is rewarding to the reader because they found useful information and now have an answer to a problem. Expanding the breadth of your blog posts to include multiple topics and bring in information from multiple sources will give your post authenticity and credibility in comparison to clickbait-esque posts.

A marketing firm like this one COULD post clickbait in the form of “Google hates him! Find out how he made millions with…” (our product) but instead we post on specific concepts like AdWords and Google+ in order to better inform the consumer on needs and solutions. This specificity reels readers in to find answers, and keeps them on the site long enough to hopefully convert to a sale.

People don’t search for marketing, they search for information.

Personality and Originality

If you are clear and informative, you’ve basically amounted to a Wikipedia article in your first draft. That’s ok, it’s good to have sources and ideas clearly defined before you proceed to this step (some may say it’s preferred).

After you have all the facts, figures, sources, and flow of the post on paper (or screen) you add personality. Personality is what makes your blog original. There are a plethora of marketing blogs on the internet. But there is only ONE written by The Primm Company with our thoughts, experiences, and insights. Just like there will be only ONE blog written by you.

We can’t tell you what your “voice” should be. But we know that without one, a blog will aimlessly meander into obscurity. A good place to start though is finding a niche, a very specific target area that you have experience in and are excited about.

Quality Is WAY More Important Than Quantity

Remember what I said about anyone being able to post the first 1000 words that come to mind? Well, the same goes for quantity of posts. Anyone can post an article a day on their blog. It’s not very hard to do. But if you have time to post every day, wouldn’t that time be better spent perfecting one post over the course of a week?

Instead of a pithy 250 word post where you wax poetic about the wonders of propane, you could write an in depth analysis on the cost-benefits of a tank-less water heater over time versus the smaller initial investment of a traditional water heater (not to mention the environmental benefits of tank-less).

The longer you spend on a post, the more time you have to research, and the more complex your ideas will become. This will help your post stand out, be informative, have personality, and have clarity. So this is maybe the most important step of all. Take your time if you aren’t on a strict deadline.

 If you are unsure…

You can call The Primm Company and see what ongoing blogging and social media solutions are right for your business. Creating a blog for content marketing can be confusing. Our team has experienced professionals eager to learn about your business and get others as excited about it as you are.