QR Codes

This is a QR Code. It’s a hyperlink…but in the real world. Simply point your smart phone at one of these funny little squares, use an app to snap a photo and be connected to a website instantly.

In a recent article called “Why QR Codes Will Go Mainstream,” Mashable referred to these QR Codes as “the shortest distance between curiosity and information retrieval.”

And these little guys are showing up everywhere. Cupcakes decorations…fast food wrappers…even the back of The Primm Company Christmas card.

New York is even linking building permits with QR Codes. One click and a customer can learn details about ongoing projects, read complaints and violations related to the location, or click on a link to easily make complaints of their own.

Yes, the idea of engaging the real world with our phones will take some getting used to, but it’s catching on quickly.

And customers aren’t the only ones who find delight in using QR Codes. “The ability to measure click-through rates on real world items, while capturing temporal, geographic and demographic data will make QR codes a favorite among advertisers,” says Mashable.