PPC Advertising

PPC (pay-per-click) can help you reach potential consumers right at the moment they’re searching for your service. Research suggests that having both high-sponsored and high-organic rankings greatly increases the credibility of your website, thus increasing your traffic.

Pro Strategy and Set Up.

The Primm Company is a Google Partner, which gives us exclusive access to insights and opportunities within the AdWords platform. It also means that the person working on your campaign is Google AdWords certified. Our PPC campaigns include extensive keyword research, creative ad copy writing, landing page design and development, and effective bid strategizing.

Daily Monitoring and Adjusting.

Once your ads are running, we’ll consistently manage and improve your PPC campaign by monitoring the conversion rates and comparing click through rates (CTR) to determine which ads work best for you. We’ll also use the information to implement strategies like geotargeting and dayparting, helping your ad reach the audience you’re aiming for.

A Variety of Platforms.

Whether you want to show your ads in search results, run commercials before YouTube videos, advertise to a particular demographic within social media or run banner ads on the NYtimes.com, The Primm Company has you covered. We offer a wide range of online advertising methods, and we’ll help you decide the best fit based on your target market, budget and goals.