Playing on the Obvious

Too many times companies try to shock and awe the public with outlandish, creative ads. Sometimes these creative ads are funny and ridiculous, and at other times they are just plain irrelevant. It has got to make you wonder: Why not just highlight the obvious benefits instead of having Charlie Sheen in your next beer ad? #notwinning

For instance, most of us when shopping for a winter jacket would rather pick the warm comfortable jacket than the one featured on the cover of the latest fashion magazine. Instead of showing off against the new “in” product, just highlight the obvious benefits of your already great product in order to compete.

Play to the obvious benefits that you and your company have to offer. In the late 50’s, Volkswagen played to the fact that their VW Beetle was a small car. Volkswagen didn’t brag about the interior or radio to outdo their competitors’ ads; they just kept it simple and obvious. To this day, many still consider that ad campaign to be one of the best of all time, and this shows that simple and obvious do work.

By keeping the message simple, you can get your point across easily. And if done so creatively, you’ll make a lasting impression.

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Source: Rohit Bhargava’s “Influential Marketing Blog”