Places on Apple Maps? What you should know about Apple Maps Connect.

predator-in-london-300x205As you may have noticed, or even seen on the news, Apple Maps haven’t been the most reliable. For businesses trying to be found on Apple maps, the process requires a lot of maps knowledge, luck, and time. In a few documented cases, it took just shy of two years for a business to show correctly on Apple Maps!

So when Apple announced yesterday that they are launching “Maps Connect” to allow for direct editing of businesses on Apple Maps, I was initially excited. However, a short 24 hours after the announcement, reality has set in. And that reality isn’t pretty.

-The business listing must be linked to an Apple ID. At this time, there appear to be no guidelines or provisions for transferring control or ownership of a business listing from one Apple ID to another.

-Listings are more likely to be approved if the email address of the Apple ID matches the businesses URL. Which is likely to slow down the process for many as a large number of small businesses do not currently use Apple products.

-The only verification available is by phone, and there’s not yet a work around for companies that use a forwarding system of any kind like VoIP PBX.

-The business categories are very limited compared to Google, Yelp, or the larger business data aggregators like Localeze and Axciom.

While this is major progress from having no direct way to deal with businesses on Apple maps, it’s still a long way from being user friendly. It will be very interesting to see how Maps Connect develops in the coming months. In the meantime, if you have questions about how your business appears in map listings, give us a call!