Pinterest and Car Companies

Hate to say we told you so, but it looks like companies are finally starting to grasp the power of Pinterest. With Pinterest quickly becoming one of the top social media sites, big car companies like Peugeot and Honda are already on board.

These companies are not only just posting pictures, they are interacting with users on the site (a.k.a. “pinners”). This is not such an easy task for a global car company that has nothing to do with the typical pictures people upload to Pinterest.

Honda recently enticed pinners to have a “Pintermission,” meaning that they told top pinners to take a 24-hour break and gave them $500 to go visit places that they (the pinners) pinned pictures of. Some places included exotic locations and famous landscapes. The purpose of this campaign was to engage their target audience (young females) towards the Honda CR-V model. Of course, Honda chose Pinterest because of its popularity with the young female demographic.

Peugeot, on the other hand, didn’t target any audience specifically. Instead, they took advantage of Pinterest’s layout and created a puzzle with pictures of their vehicles. If a pinner successfully figured out the puzzle, which incorporated clues from Facebook and Twitter, they would win a prize. The puzzle competition helped Peugeot garner more fans on Pinterest and other social media sites at the same time.

Shockingly, most other major car companies are not taking advantage of Pinterest. Even scarier is the problem we’ve seen happen over and over…with domain names, Facebook, Twitter, and now Pinterest: Some pinners have already reserved the names of major car companies, thus creating a problem when the companies try to create an account and can’t use the name. This will probably become a legal issue, and things will eventually get sorted out for brand names…but any possible campaign may be dead in the water until then.

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Source: Ad Age