Marketing Tactics from the Good Ol’ Days


You may not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but who says the old tricks aren’t still worthy of a treat? These three “old school” marketing approaches are time-tested and worth a try when integrated into your digital marketing strategy!

Direct Mail

Communication and sales are becoming less dependent on paper every day. Our email inboxes are the new destinations for “junk mail” as our physical mailboxes largely gather dust. Adopting a direct mail campaign that gets tangible paper into your customers’ mailboxes is one way to fill the void left by competitors and reach untapped markets. Some suggestions for direct mail pieces include: quarterly newsletters, exclusive special offers, and invitations to follow your company on social media. Remember to stay eco-friendly by choosing recycled paper and ‘green’ inks for your print materials (See: Green Printing: Good for Business, Good for the Earth).


Running a few expertly written radio and TV ads is one of the best ways to touch a wide reach of potential customers and make valuable sales. With 15, 30 or 60 seconds to make a pitch, clarity and a strong call to action are key. Done right, broadcast advertisements get the point across in a way that makes customers want to pick up the phone right then and there. Precise targeting potential is another benefit, particularly when it comes to radio. No matter how you choose to do it, production value is key (See: Boost Production Value with Heart, Soul and an Outside Opinion)

Face-to-Face (or voice-to-voice) Interaction

People these days are absolute pros at digital communication. Email, texting and social media make it easy to forge connections with prospects that are hundreds or thousands of miles away. This is awesome, but remembering the opportunities to connect in real life with prospects in your own community can work wonders for your bottom line. Market to those outside of your region? Pick up the phone. In general, make it clear that when a customer reaches out to your business, they will talk to a real person with a personal stake in meeting their needs. Honest communication and good listening is perhaps the most effective marketing “tactic” there is.

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