LinkedIn Expands Blogging Platform to All Users

LinkedIn BloggingLast week, Ryan Roslansky of LinkedIn announced their publishing platform is now available to regular users. (It was previously only available to LinkedIn “influencers.”)

It’s a lot like a blog. LinkedIn users can publish original content, thus making it part of their professional profile and immediately sharing it with their network.

In fact, even if someone isn’t in your network, you’ll still have the ability to follow and receive their content updates. Likewise, of course, users who aren’t in your network can follow and read your posts. It’s all public.

The Roll Out

About 25,000 members received an email last week, inviting each person to write about a specific topic for which LinkedIn believes he or she is influential.

They will expand the capability to all members within the next few weeks and months.

Content Must Be Useful and Original

According to LinkedIn’s Publishing Plaftorm Help Center, posts will be removed if they are not deemed beneficial to the community:

“LinkedIn discourages and may disable posts that self-servingly advertise a service, business, political cause or other organization or cause that does not benefit the broader LinkedIn community.”

“Sharing” another person’s content is also strongly discouraged:

“Most content on the internet belong to someone, and unless you have clear permission from the owner to share it, you shouldn’t include it in your posts.”

But never fear–You CAN republish your own content that you have published elsewhere, and any content you publish on LinkedIn remains your own.

So dust off those old blog entries and get to posting!

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Source: Search Engine Journal