Let the Games Begin!

olympic medalsThe Olympics present a great opportunity for your company to promote your brand and display some national pride. Here are some things to keep in mind to make the most of this event and avoid any possible legal trouble.

First of all, don’t use the Olympic rings logo on your product promotion. Copyright infringement is a big no-no. Instead, use another meaningful image or a consistent message about the game that will grab people’s attention. Be creative.

Use hash tags like #letthegamesbegin, etc. in order to have some internet presence that links people that are interested in the Olympics back to your brand’s site. Nike, for example, got around Adidas sponsorship of the games by using the phrase #makeitcount. The point is to incorporate the games without stepping on the toes of official sponsors.

Since the Olympics are about competition, try creating a competition that involves your brand and the spirit of the Olympics. A table tennis tournament? Beach volleyball? Something with a torch? The sky is the limit! Just don’t say the words “Olympics” or “London 2012.”

If you want your brand to go for the gold this summer, give us a call at the Primm Company—757-623-6234.