Is Your Marketing Ready for the Holidays?

Is your web presence in shape for the holidays? MarketLive just published their 2011 Holiday Shopper Survey and it’s loaded with great information.

Below, we’ve listed the top three lessons from this year’s survey.

1. Shoppers recognize value outside of low prices.

According to survey data, nearly one in three shoppers will pay full price for an item that is “perfect for someone on my list,” while 30% will pay full price for a unique or hard-to-find item someone on their list has requested.

When you launch your holiday gift guides, be sure to cater to an array of shopping styles. List gifts by price point and provide a link to the latest seasonal items and gift cards. Play up customer favorites that are proven pleasers with categories such as “top sellers” and “top rated.”

Another strong component of value: customer service. Fourteen percent of shoppers said they’d pay full price for an item that came coupled with an “excellent customer experience,” while 73% of shoppers named free returns as a top promotion.

To emphasize the value of great customer service, display product guarantees and return policies prominently, along with customer service contact information.

2. Shoppers still want free shipping.

Although shoppers may be willing to pay full price for products, they still see shipping costs as a deterrent. When asked why they don’t buy more online, 45% of shoppers named high shipping costs as the top reason.

But you don’t have to give away shipping at all costs. Instead, offer free shipping for purchases over a certain amount. (60% said free shipping with a threshold spurs action.)

3. Shoppers heavily research products with their mobile devices.

Overall 61% of shoppers said they planned to research gifts online or on their phones before making a purchase (on or off-line). Furthermore, nearly 40% of smart phone users will use their mobile devices to look up sale offers before heading to the store, with map listings for physical locations also popular.

Design holiday gift guides specifically for mobile viewing, and spruce up your store locator with current in-store sales and promotions for the holidays. And don’t forget to use text messaging to deliver deals to your shoppers.

If you need help getting your marketing in shape for the holidays, call The Primm Company at 623-6234.

Source: MarketLive