Is Your Brand “Likable?”


Earlier this week, Todd Wasserman of Mashable published an article about the results of a recent survey of Facebook users. The study found that the top reason for which an average user “liked” a brand’s business page was not to get in on the possibility of discounts and special offers, but rather to “support a brand I like.” That wasn’t the only reason, of course (getting discounts was certainly up there), but the results speak to the idea that in order to grow a social following, brands need to be friendly and inspire loyalty outside of the social sphere.

What does this mean for today’s small business on social media and in the marketplace? Consider these tips on being a brand for which people will want to show their support:

Focus on growing a following in the “real world.”

Before you take to the net and await the likes, nurture what you already have going for you-your existing customer base. The best way to foster an online following is to establish brand support through day-to-day interaction with customers. By placing the emphasis on excellent customer service, maintaining a strong presence in the community and of course offering a high-quality product, you can help ensure that customers also support you online.

Accordingly, remember to not put all your eggs in the social media basket. To maximize an online following, a brand must invest in traditional marketing channels as well. A great website, radio and TV ads, and even direct mail can seriously bolster social presence.

Be the type of company you would want to share with a friend. 

If you are a Facebook user who interacts with brands’ pages, what leads you to like them? In other words, what characteristics of a business make you want to show your support and demonstrate that affiliation to your friends and followers? Take note of those characteristics and creatively integrate them into your business model.

Foster an ongoing relationship with your social following

We’ve talked about this before on the Primm blog, but it is so important to remember that customers on social media are much less interested in your product than in the lifestyle it represents. To promote a lifestyle, a brand must communicate with their followers on social media honestly, relationally and often.

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