Is Duplicate Content All Bad?

It’s a long-understood idea in the SEO world: duplicating content on multiple pages or pulling written content from another website = bad idea and a probable slap on the hand from Google. But understanding what actually constitutes the “bad” kind of duplicate content and the degree of Google’s scrutiny can be confusing. Matt Cutts of Google recently published a video that clarifies things a bit.

In the words of Cutts, “Duplicate content happens.” Whether its syndicated promotional content for a product in your ecommerce store or a paragraph cited in a blog post that you took from elsewhere on the web, it’s unlikely that Google will mark your site as spam.

On the other hand…since Google’s aim is to treat multiple sources of duplicate content like one piece of information, this type of writing won’t boost your rankings either.

There is the exception to the rule: “If you do nothing but duplicate content ¬†and you’re doing it in an abusive, deceptive or malicious or manipulative way, we do reserve the right to take action on spam.” The bottom line is that Google gives credence to pages and websites that provide value to users. So try and keep duplicate content to a sensible minimum without stressing about it, and ask the question, “What are my users looking for and how can I give it to them through my content?”

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