Increase Holiday Sales With These 8 Copywriting Tips

Here are eight simple copywriting tips to get your advertising in shape for the holidays:

1. Be Clear and Concise.
People are rushed and stressed during the holidays. Outline your most important features in bullet points.

2. Use the Phrase “Makes a Great Gift!”
It may seem stale or cliché, but shoppers need to be reminded.
Alternate verbiage you can use includes “perfect for gift giving” or “they’ll love finding this under the tree.”

Copywriting is a skill that spans the ages and is more relevant today than ever!

3. Highlight Popular Holiday Benefits.
Anything you can say to help ensure satisfaction should be mentioned. Easy returns, no assembly required, one size fits all and free shipping top the charts this time of year.

4. Offer Gift Cards.
This is a win-win. It’s a quick gift solution for shoppers, and the recipient often spends more than the face value of the voucher.

5. Leverage Customer Reviews.
Real owners of products often have insights that marketers and retailers don’t. Encourage customers to post reviews. If you’re short on customer reviews, head to Amazon or check out review aggregators like Buzzillions.

6. Entice Them to Visit the Rest of Your Site.

Each product page is a potential entry page to your site. Feature your brand values and incentives on every page.

7. Test 404 Pages

Ideally, no one will see a 404 Page. But if they do, make sure it has some friendly wording.

8. Post-Purchase Thank You
USE this opportunity to say something. Ask to keep in touch through e-mail sign up or social media, provide a coupon with a limited-time-offer, or ask them to complete a satisfaction survey.

Of course, if you need any help with this, The Primm Company is here to assist. Give us a call at 757-623-6234. We’ll get your copy in tip-top shape!