Hold On, Just Let Me Check In On Foursquare

Foursquare ImageThere is no doubt that there is a vast majority of applications available for almost every phone on the market today. With that being said, there is a small niche category for geographical social media applications, such as Foursquare.

Foursquare allows businesses to create locations similar to how one business would with Google Maps or Facebook locations. With Foursquare, however, users compete against friends to see who can rack up the most points by checking into the most places. By checking in, users are eligible to earn a “badge” that describes their check in behavior. For instance, a user can earn a “jetsetter” badge by checking into multiple airports.

Recently though, Foursquare has changed, arguably for the better. The website is asking businesses to pay a one-time $10 fee to be listed.

Some businesses think this is ridiculous because no other similar application does this, but look at the positives. With Foursquare, users can unlock specials by checking in, which more than likely will increase your traffic and reach. Plus Foursquare’s discover option helps users find you easily by simply searching with a keyword related to your business. And finally—the most obvious advantage—users broadcast your business to their friends every time they check in. One person checks into a barber shop for a haircut, and their entire social network potentially knows about it.

Now that the company has teamed up with Open Table, Foursquare will now allow users to reserve tables at restaurants with ease. This is a first in the application category. Also, users can sync their American Express card safely to their Foursquare account and American Express will pay X amount of dollars on their bill because AMEX is a major partner/sponsor of Foursquare.

One company according to a Foursquare case study had an estimated $18,000 ROI on their Foursquare campaign. By having a location on the application, the business was able to know their customer’s age, how many times each customer visited the location, gender demographics, how many new customers, and the reach of their customers’ check ins on Twitter and Facebook.

Even though Foursquare has been around for a few years, it seems few companies are taking advantage of this social media gem. In order to take advantage of this valuable tool and appear on user’s maps, give The Primm Company a call at 757-623-6234.

Source: www.foursquare.com