What is Happening with Google+?

Google Plus

Google+ has been on the scene for a little over three years now and there’s been a lot of hype surrounding its importance to SEO. Previously-independent Google products have been absorbed into it, like Google Places, which is now called Google+Local or Google+Your Business. Commenting on YouTube videos is now embedded in Google+ as well. For the last few years, even signing up for a Gmail account required a Google+ account, and a Google+ account was required to leave a review for a business. This changed a few days ago.

Another much-hyped feature of Google+ was authorship. You may remember seeing little thumbnails of authors next to search results? The SEO community went wild, experiments were run, CTRs examined, WordPress plugins created…it was hailed as the latest and greatest ranking factor. And then, three short years after introducing authorship, Google killed it just a few weeks ago.

Social features for businesses are changing too. Posts on local or business G+ pages used to show in search results to all users. Now those posts only show if the user is logged into G+.

This is Just What Google Does.

So what’s going on? Is Google killing off Google+ because people don’t use it? Doubtful. Google+ is actually gaining users faster than Twitter. The simplest and most likely answer for all these changes is: That’s what Google does. They change things. Constantly. In 2013 alone they made around 500 adjustments to their search algorithm. The big G constantly A/B tests, discards, and reiterates nearly every aspect of their many products. The old Ben Franklin quote should be updated to, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death, taxes, and Google changing things.”

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