Google is on the move

The last two months have been extremely busy for Google. The company restructured to place itself under a parent company known as Alphabet, launched a new logo that set the internet ablaze for weeks, and launched YouTube Gaming, a competitor in the ever-growing “Let’s Play” and game-streaming space.

Let’s un-pack Google’s recent activity.



In August of this year, Google unveiled a sweeping reorganization of it’s corporate structure that separates its highly profitable search and advertising division from other fledgling projects that have until now been part of Google proper. Google, along with several “spin-off” fledgling businesses now exist under the umbrella corporation of Alphabet.

Alphabet will be run by Google’s current leaders, including Chief Executive Larry Page, co-founder Sergey Brin and Chief Financial Officer Ruth Porat. “The move reflects the co-founders’ view that the company, which is now worth some $445 billion, has become more complex to manage as it pursues potentially big new businesses in industries far from Google’s search-engine roots.” Said The Wall Street Journal.

New Logo

September 1 saw the first overhaul to the loveable Google logo in years. The internet became instantly divided on the subject, and The New Yorker explained exactly “Why You Hate Google’s New Logo.” The answer being that change scares people and instills distrust.

The logo is spelled in a new Helvetica-style font dubbed to be “Google Product Sans” which is designed to fall in line with the parent company Alphabet logo.

YouTube Gaming launched August 26th and aims to compete directly with game-streaming service The site is specially curated to feature Let’s Play and gaming related content with a focus on live-streaming channels.

The service delivers existing gaming content on YouTube as well as the new live-stream content both on desktops and a mobile app. For advertisers this means very little because the YouTube ad ecosystem is still run from Google AdWords and because the two services (YouTube Gaming and YouTube) are so closely linked, there is no difference in the back-end.

However, as gaming related content becomes more prominent on YouTube, advertisers in many industries could benefit by potentially courting this demographic. YouTube Gaming serves a very specific audience and certain companies (especially in tech) may find a way to exploit the captivated viewers.

What does it all mean for you?

As Google restructures itself, adds platforms, and re-brands, it can be difficult to stay on top of the latest changes that directly affect your business.

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