Get Customers to P.D.A.

As Loren McDonald writes in his article, “Can We Hug? Six Tips for Getting Customers to Show You Love,” social media isn’t about getting the conversion; it’s about building the relationship.

It’s about getting the person to applaud you publicly, without your having to ask.

This is one more reason to always listen to your customers, provide quality experiences and solve their problems. Make customers so appreciative of your relationship that they’re not afraid to publicly display their affection.  In fact, they want to!

Of course not everyone is the “positive review” type. But they do exist, and it’s important to identify them quickly. They’re the ones writing on your facebook page, liking your posts, or re-tweeting your tweets. They might be sending you positive e-mails or complementing you in person. Perhaps they’re sharing their good experiences on community pages or review websites.

Wherever you find them, encourage them. Send them an invitation to join your social media page or ask them to speak on panels, serve on a customer advisory board or participate in webinars. Show your appreciation with a card, a call or a small gift, and be sure to thank them publicly.

Once you’ve established a relationship, continue to engage them with public conversations through your social media sites or blog.

If you do social marketing correctly, happy customers will provide a good portion of your advertising. It takes a lot of work—but it’s effective.

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