What’s So Great About the Facebook Page Upgrade

As it used to be, it was great to have a Facebook Page if you had a lot of followers coming to your page and waiting with bated breath for every update. But if you left your page to post comments on other business Facebook Pages, those comments were linked to your personal profile, not your business page. So even though you work for an etiquette school, your comment on the Emily Post Facebook Page still had your name and the little picture of you doing the electric slide at your cousin’s wedding.

The update changes that. The new page has an area in the right side bar that allows you to surf Facebook as your personal self (Queen of the Electric Slide) or as your page (The School of Etiquette and Elegance). Now you can leave comments all over Facebook that lead back to your business, instead of you.

Additionally, you can now switch back to your personal persona to comment on your Facebook Page as an individual. This is especially helpful when there are multiple people monitoring your facebook page, posting updates and responding to fans’ comments. Now, each person can speak as themselves, instead of having all their comments lumped under the same group icon.