Holiday Advertising Do’s and Don’ts

Starbucks red cup holiday scarf shoes white girl holiday advertising
Image from @hayley_elizabethlove on Instagram.

Good holiday advertising can capture the magic of the season and deliver a great message that drives brand recognition and sales. The Coca Cola advertisements we see with polar bears every year are a great example of fun advertising during winter months that engages the audience and focuses on the product.

Bad holiday advertising can make your business seem out of touch or corny and inauthentic. Starbucks recently faced massive criticism over their 2015 holiday cups because the stark design didn’t meet customer expectations.

Either way, holiday advertising is a necessary evil at least once a year, and The Primm Company has a handy guide to make your holiday advertising feel fresh and represent your brand and products in an authentic way.


  •  Review audience demographics: Use social media, Google Analytics, and other research tools to see where your audience exists. Is it men or women? Young people or older people? Are they just around your store, or across the US? Then use that information in future steps.
  • Divide your budget strategically: During holiday shopping season, you’ll want some ad campaigns that run continuously and some that promote key events, like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and any limited-time promotions.
  • Decide on messaging: Create one or two primary messages for the months of November and December. Are you saying “Christmas” or “Year-End” Sale? Choose a slogan or phrase or idea that remains consistent throughout your ads. This will help tie your campaign together.
  • Launch early: Launch your campaign early enough to catch your customers. Announcing a sale mid-way through December won’t have the same effect as launching it the week after black Friday. This is especially important when considering online promotions. If customers can order from your online store, make sure they know what dates will allow they purchase to arrive before Christmas with standard shipping.


  • Don’t be a Grinch: Even if it isn’t “Christmas” themed, holiday promotions are a valuable asset for your business, they get people excited and make your brand almost instantly relatable because of the time of year.
  • Don’t put it off: If you fail to plan, plan to fail. Creating holiday assets last minute and trying to launch a media campaign at the midnight hour is almost doomed to fail. Star your preparations in August or September.
  • Don’t hesitate to call The Primm Company for assistance with your 2016 holiday advertising plan. It makes the perfect gift for your blossoming business!