Customer Service Leads to More Customers

stars-1128772_1280Customer service is an invaluable tool for any business. Good customer service can cement repeat customers to your store and even make them evangelists for your brand, and bring in new customers in the future. Bad customer service is likely to have the opposite effect. It can discourage customers from coming to your business entirely, or incite them to tell others your business “isn’t worth the trouble the staff will give you.”

Managing how your business portrays itself, includes training your staff in the art of great customer service.

How do you manage your customer service in the store?

Because good service is so important to your business, making sure your staff know the stakes of bad service should be part of your training mandate for any personnel. Making it clear can be difficult, but generally asking your employees to treat customers like welcome guests, like their grandmother, or like someone they respect can serve as good direction. Your customers are an EXTENSION of the business and everything they do or say reflects on you, the owner or manager.

Instances of bad or undesirable customer service should be met with discussion, or punishment if necessary. But likewise, good customer service should be met with reward. Maybe a monetary incentive for good reviews that call out a specific employee, or special recognition with an “employee of the month”-like plaque.

How do you manage your brand online?

Encouraging good behavior of your employees is almost as important as encouraging good engagement with your online audience. Responding to reviews, comments, questions, messages, and other interactions goes a long way toward making your brand more personable and more like-able.

Always be respectful, kind, patient, and accommodating when talking to any customer. If they had a bad experience and want a refund, hear them out before you reiterate that your refund policy prohibits returns on opened merchandise. If they sound especially angry, upset, or disappointed, maybe consider giving them a pass and accept the return to preserve your relationship with the customer.

Never lash out at customers online, and in general try to move negative conversation offline or into a private message conversation. If it comes that an agreement can’t be reached to solve a problem… Break the news gently but firmly, make it clear that you’ve done all that you can.

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