Creativity for the Sake of Creativity? Not So Fast.


All that glitters isn’t gold. 

When brainstorming about new ad concepts, lots of fun and frivolous ideas get thrown around; that’s the point of a brainstorm, after all. The most important part of brainstorming, of course, is filtering ideas down to the ones that are most likely to sell the product effectively–the ones that work.

Sure, flashy and hilarious ads work for brands that have established a flashy and hilarious image, but will that same ad strategy “work” for your product? Maybe, but maybe not.

Accordingly, just because an “out there” ad concept may be cheap and easy to execute, doesn’t mean it will provide any return. For example: You see that there’s a sale on bulk branded Frisbees. What do you do?

a) Jump on this AMAZING marketing opportunity and immediately order 1,000 Frisbees printed with your logo.

b) Think twice about ordering the Frisbees. How would you distribute them? Maybe at an upcoming race expo where active people who are likely to need your services will be in droves? Ok, sure. You order 500.

c) Decide straight away that Frisbees are ridiculous promotional materials and choose to stick with direct mail, exclusively, thank you very much.

If you chose a):

Put that credit card down and remember that a deep discount does not always a great ad make. Take a moment to consider how marketing tactics fit into your brand image and advertising strategy as a whole.

If you chose b): 

Good answer! Your quick-but-measured thinking in buying a moderate number of Frisbees for a specific and brand-appropriate purpose puts you in the running for success.

If you chose c): 

Live a little! Just as jumping onto the frivolity band wagon without thought is risky, so is failing to branch out and be interesting with your marketing strategy.

Unsure about the merits of your advertising efforts? Call or contact the Primm Company. We are pros at striking the balance between fun and professional, and will help you devise ad campaigns with just the right amount of flash, sass and/or hilarity where appropriate.

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