Creating Emotional Connections with Video

When used properly, social media connects consumers to the people at a business. The connection isn’t to just the business itself, but to the people who work there, the family who owns it, or, in some cases, the community the business helps.

It’s simple: People do business with people they like.

(And who wouldn’t like you?)

A great way to introduce yourself to potential clients and build a stronger emotional connection is through web videos. Video allows the consumer to hear your voice and witness your demeanor. Suddenly, you’re more than just a business name; you’re a human being.

Below is a small sampling of web videos The Primm Company created to help our clients reach out to their customers.

Meet the staff at R. Gregory Photography:

In this video, Charlie Marcotte, owner of American Pride Automotive, explains the story behind Family Service Day:

We’ve seen these and many other videos increase conversions and sales. If you’re interested in creating web videos, talk to The Primm Company. We’ll help you with everything from deciding on the right message to production to sharing it with your target market.