Case Study: Atomic Plumbing

Exploding Growth

Jim Steinle was at a crossroads. Business was OK at Atomic Plumbing, but sales were on a downswing, and it was difficult keeping trucks on the road. Jim knew a good marketing effort could make a difference, but spending money the wrong way could be too costly.

Say It Three Times

We saw enormous potential to get the Atomic Plumbing name recognized in the market and capitalize on the highly engaging graphics on company vehicles. The Primm creative team developed a series of television commercials that quickly developed name recognition and credibility, using real customers to help spread the word. Cutaways to the fleet of vans reinforced brand recognition, and created a compelling visual to close each commercial.


The results were significant. Not only were sales up year-over-year, within three months of the commercials airing, Atomic had its best month ever. And the phone keeps ringing. As brand awareness increased, we updated the spots and added radio to reach even more of the marketplace. Jim added four trucks to his fleet, hired four new plumbers, and he continues to grow.

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