Case in Point: DK Paragon Custom Builders


Emblazoned on the homepage of DK Paragon Custom Builder’s website is the phrase, “From Vision to Reality.” As an expert local home building and ┬áremodeling company, DK Paragon brings homeowners’ dreams to life. When they came to Primm, DK Paragon’s vision was to expand the company’s reach and solidify brand recognition. Through a highly integrated marketing campaign, Primm is working to make DK Paragon’s vision a reality so they can do the same for their clients.

One unique challenge for Primm as we strategized for DK Paragon was the company’s name change (They were simply “Paragon Custom Builders” when they came to us). Changing the name of an established business is always tricky, but by covering all bases of DK Paragon’s public face, Primm helped keep the rebranding transition smooth.


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What bases did we cover, you ask?

Primm redesigned DK Paragon’s logo and website, shot and produced television commercials, and currently manages their social media accounts (visit their Facebook page here), including Pinterest. The key aspect of all of these channels is how they cohere, coordinate and ultimately work together seamlessly to present a full brand picture to DK Paragon’s target audience. Sure, each channel is functional by itself, but the sum of the parts is far more effective.

Thoughtfully combining marketing tools in a consistent and strategic manner is the best way to produce results, and it just happens to be Primm’s specialty. Call or contact us today.