Primm ReelTelevision and radio represent a large portion of the Primm marketing arsenal. For over 40 years, we have always been hands-on, providing concept, writing, talent, direction and editing. Everything is done under one roof. From a client point of view, this translates to control – control of the message, the quality, the budget, and the marketing continuity.

Continuity is Key.

Continuity is a critical element of Primm TV and radio campaigns. We find a properly thought-out body of work will often have a shelf life of two years or more, building recognition and effectiveness over time. We’ve actually had commercials last five years. And we’ve had campaigns that have run, thematically unchanged, for twenty years. We link the client’s brand with enduring values and we continually reinforce it, creating new messages as necessary, but remaining constant to the central theme.

Cross Channel Marketing.

Our 40 years of experience in TV and radio and our experienced digital team allow us to combine efforts and provide outstanding cross channel marketing in a way few others in the advertising industry can. In addition to traditional radio and TV, we utilize digital platforms like Pandora, Spotify, YouTube, and Hulu to ensure your audience sees your message and brand everywhere they are.

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