Brilliant Brands: Chobani’s Online Marketing Strategy

Every once in a while Primm likes to give a shout out to awesome, innovative brands that teach us all something about marketing done well. Whether it is a national brand like Annie’s Homegrown or a local brand like Mission Mobility, we think it is important to occasionally recognize great online marketing strategies and help our clients form creative takes on these strategies for their own businesses. This week, we look at Chobani’s success in the burgeoning Greek yogurt market.

“Just add good.”


Founded in 2005, Chobani was one of the first companies to mass-produce high-protein, low-fat Greek yogurt and now sells their huge variety of natural flavors and varieties in grocery stores across the U.S., Canada, and Australia.

Chobani sets its brand apart  by staying true to its roots, seamlessly integrating social media into its web presence, and providing its online followers with excellent free content.   Let’s take a closer look at what Chobani does right, and talk about how you can bring a little bit of what they do into your online marketing strategy:


Take a moment to watch this Chobani ad that aired during the 2012 London Olympics:

Chobani’s “Who we are” page on its website tells the story of the company from its conception. Just like in the commercial, Chobani capitalizes on its great American story by providing a humble timeline of events and a list of things that make Chobani yogurt special. You leave the site feeling happy, wholesome, healthy, and hankering for some Chobani.

While down-home grassroots appeal might not be your brand’s “thing,” do pause to consider your business’ unique narrative. Just like individuals, each business has a “life story” that sets it apart from others. What’s yours and how can you communicate it to your customers, especially in your online marketing strategy?


Chobani SM

As you can see above, Chobani’s website directly pulls from its social media channels Facebook and Twitter (it also has high activity on Pinterest) to bolster and advertise products. Based on what the brand’s fans say, Chobani makes its pitch.

Not only that, but Chobani makes it very easy to access its social media channels from the website and vice versa.

Take a cue from Chobani and make your web presence one whole instead of a disjointed set of parts. These days, people want to be able to navigate between information centers without thinking too hard or getting lost in the search.


"just add good" is Chobani's signature phrase.
“Just add good” is Chobani’s signature phrase. Baked french toast on right.

The “Kitchen” section of their website provides a wealth of Chobani-incorporating recipes and cooking videos for everything from baked French toast to horseradish sauce. Along with the recipes, they provide nutrition information (a must-have for the health conscious set). They even have a search tool that makes it simple to find the perfect recipe.

You can’t underestimate the value of generous informative content in an online marketing strategy.  Chobani takes a risk by offering a ton of premium information because people could take these recipes and use a cheaper brand of Greek yogurt than Chobani (and they probably do).  But for people who buy Chobani, this content greatly enhances their loyalty and affability toward the brand.

To achieve this effect, first consider your industry. What does your customer base want? Is it information, entertainment, a cost calculator, or just a good laugh? Pick one and then give generously.

It’s important nowadays that a brand stay closely engaged with its customer base through an active and dynamic web presence. Let Primm help you develop the perfect online marketing strategy. Call us today.