Become Familiar with SoLoMo

SoLoMo is a term used to explain Social (media), Local (marketing), and Mobile. All areas are growing exponentially and they’re all working together, so it’s important to integrate your efforts accordingly.

According to, 40% of Google searches on a smartphone are local searches, 71% of smartphone users have done a search because of an ad they’ve seen, and 88% of people who search local information on their smartphones take action the very next day.

In order to see results, it is important that you:
1. Localize – Your marketing campaign should fit the target market you are advertising towards. It wouldn’t make sense to advertise a vacation package to Virginia Beach if the ad was placed in Virginia Beach by a travel company, and the same goes for your product or services.SOLOMO Image

2. Standout/Differentiate- While doing this, make sure to stand out from your competition and show why you are different and better than them.

3. Adaptability/Customization -Make sure that your sites and media can adapt to various platforms of technology (tablets, phones, laptops, etc.).

4. Be Searchable -Be easy to find on search engines. There is no point in doing everything previously mentioned if nobody can see or find you.

5. Encourage Sharing -Sharing between users of your multimedia platforms encourages positive word of mouth responses to your brand, and therefore increases your results.

6. Don’t Forget the Offline Basics – Just because your campaign is great digitally doesn’t mean that you should ignore the traditional and effective means of advertising such as television, radio, and print.

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