Apple’s Lesson in Keeping Ads Current

Apple Inc., arguably one of the world’s most dominant companies has made a critical error. This error is not some design flaw in their newest gadget, but a failure to spend their ever-so-big advertising dime correctly.

The Apple iPad 3 was introduced in mid-March with much anticipation. Although it has been almost a month since the product was introduced, Apple has yet to change most of their iPad 2 billboards to their new iPad 3 product offering. To top it off, some of the billboards are located in high-priced areas like New York City’s Lincoln Tunnel entrance and San Francisco’s Bay Area.

Apple appears to be burning a hole in their advertising budget pocket by advertising an out-of-date product. The only savior for Apple may be that they can white out the “2” and repaint “3” next to their iPad on their billboards since both iPads look similar.

Even more embarrassing is the fact that Apple, a company that is wildly considered to be “ forward-thinking,” somehow didn’t see this one coming.

The big message: If you’re going to use your money for advertising, make sure it’s working to your advantage. Give The Primm Company a call today to discuss your next successful advertising campaign.

Source: AdAge