6 Photography Tips for Social Media

It’s no secret that images do well on social media. People love to connect with photos of people and products, so it’s important that the images that represent your business look good. It’s not realistic to hire a professional to take every photo you post to Facebook or Twitter, so here are some DIY tips to make sure you’re taking the best pictures possible.

  1. Make sure the photo is in focus. Nothing looks worse than a blurry image. If you’re using a point and shoot type camera there is likely a focus feature. Check the manual and be sure you’re using it.
  2. Be aware of where light is coming from. One of the most common mistakes in photos is shooting in a way that creates a shadow across the subject of the photo, or creates a shadow behind the subject. Experiment with moving light sources if possible, or simply move to a location with better light before you take a picture.
  3. Try shooting from different angles. Eye level is often not the best height from which to take pictures. Try squatting, or standing on a chair to change the perspective of the photo.
  4. Get closer. Another common mistake is making the main subject too small. Try getting even closer than you think you should. You may be pleasantly surprised with the results.
  5. When taking pictures outside, use the fill-flash mode if your camera has it. It will soften facial shadows created by sunlight.
  6. Make sure the image is high enough resolution to appear correctly on tablets and newer high resolution displays.