5 Reasons to Slack Off at Work

Slack is a powerful online chat tool that is designed for businesses to easily centralize and manage file-sharing and communications. The company has soared in popularity since 2014 and has a daily user count in the millions.

Slacking off at work has taken on a whole new meaning, and here’s why you should be participating:

The chat client offers very simple¬†file sharing features. You can share a file privately or with a group by dropping the file in the desired window. There is no storage cap, and fellow users can comment on the file within the client. Additionally you can share videos and full motion .Gif’s very easily (even if they aren’t work related).

The company just hired April Underwood to serve as its head of platform. Underwood had spent nearly five years as director of product at Twitter until February and helped manage partnerships at Google earlier in her career. With those kind of chops, it’s hard to fail.

The company is growing at a nearly unprecedented rate. In just five months, the company doubled its valuation from $1 billion, to $2 billion. This puts it on the same financial scope as Instagram or Reddit.








No really, who are they? This thing is growing like gangbusters. This could be one of those trends you don’t want to be “tardy to the party” for.

Maybe everyone loves it because IT’S FREE! Though there is a paid model, the free version fits most needs nicely and never feels like a hamstrung product.